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Builder Information System (BIS®) is the fast, flexible, and scalable, construction accounting software you need to grow your business. With 4 Editions, 18 modules, and up to 3,000+ variations of reports, BIS® is construction software for any size company and is consistently ranked as one of the best Construction Accounting Software packages by the CPA Technology Advisor. If you need construction accounting software that goes beyond generic programs and supports AIA® billing, certified payroll, and with accurate job cost information in real-time, then BIS® is your industry solution. Construction accounting should be profitable, not painful; that's why BIS® technology is light years ahead of the competition. BIS® job cost software will ensure that you maximize your time and money on the job, not on difficult to use construction software. If this is what you’re looking for, then please call MICS, Inc. at 800-838-6427 today!

ComputerEase Construction Software has been voted the Number One construction software for accounting, project management and FieldEase-remote job site processing.


Foundation Software delivers job cost accounting, project management and mobile applications, along with industry education and bookkeeping services, to help you run the business side of construction. Our sole commitment is to contractors.

See why over 30 years of being different has made FOUNDATION® America’s #1 construction accounting software.


Magic Software Enterprises. Magic markets and sells state-of-the-art application development technology and business solutions (both eCommerce and customer relationship management).

Actian powers the action-driven enterprise in the Age of Data, delivering rapid time to analytic value with a modular approach that connects data assets behind the scenes, enables unconstrained analytics and scales almost without limits. The Actian DataCloud Integration and ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platforms help organizations leverage data assets for competitive advantage, delivering highly parallelized software that fully exploits modern chip, core and cluster infrastructures

GTCO CalComp, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of large-format digitizers, desktop graphics tablets, wide-format scanners and Internet conferencing tools used for a wide range of design, engineering, construction, graphics, GIS/mapping and Internet conferencing applications.